Norway Lake Lutheran Historical Association

Charter Members Biographies

The Charter Member Project was conceived in 2015, having grown out of a 2011 Long Range Planning Committee report. The first phase, announced July 2015, was to write short biographies of the 157 charter members of the two Norway Lake churches formed in 1875-76.  This project was completed in April of 2020.  Pleased inform us of errors or omissions, which may lead to revisions. The contacts page has the email addresses for the president, secretary, and webmaster.

Aasen, Hans

Aasen, Martin and Margrethe

Aasen, Ole B and Astrid

Bendiksen, Lasse and Pernilla

Bergum, Iver

Bjorkevik, Guldbrand and Ingeborg

Bjorkevik, Tollef and Jorand

Blom, Thomas and Kari

Bonde, Halvor and Martine

Briton), Nils and  Anna

Braaten, Kolbjorn and Berit

Dale, Iver & Inga

Ellefson, Iver & Beret

Ellestad, Ole & Sigrid

Ellingboe, Marit

Ellingboe, Ole

Ellingson, Guttorem & Kari

Ellingson, Ole and Anne

Engen, Christoffer and Ragnhild

Engen, Johannes and Kari

Engen, Martin and Helene

Erickson, Christoffer & Joran

Espelien, Anders and  Birgitta

Espelien, Helge & Ragnhild

Espeseth, Knud & Mari

Finstad, Carl K and Marit

Finstad, Peter & Ingeborg

Foshager, John and Brita

Gandrud, Halvor and Kari

Gandrud, Knud and Birgit

Gjelhaug, Johan and Anne

Gjelhaug, Martin and Ingeborg

Glesne, Even and Kari

Gordhamer, Mari

Gordhamer, John J  and Maria

Gordhammer, Johannes H.

Gronhovd, Ole O.

Gronseth, Iver L. and Sigrid

Gunderson, Sven and Margit

Hagen, Anders and Maren

Halvorson, Andreas and Agnete

Halvorson, Halvor

Halvorson, Johannes

Halvorson, Ole and Marie

Hamre, John and Borgila

Hande, Halvor and Guri

Hande, Ole and Dorothea

Hanson, Christian and Lisa

Hedin, Anders and Marie

Hellerud, Helge and Ingebirg

Henjum, Andrew and Martha

Henjum, Hans J. and Ingeborg K.

Henjum, Lars J. and Barbro M.

Hollen, Even H and Anne T

Holum, Engebret and Anna

Hough, Gulbrand and  Anne

Huse, Ole Olsen and Anna Olsdatter

Hystad, Nils Olson and Gjertrude Johannesdatter

Iverson,  Lars and Ragnhild

Iverson,  Syver and Anna

Iverson, Urjans and Brita

Jacobson, Johannes and  Kirstie

Jellum, Ole and Ingeborg

Johnsen,Lars and Bertha Marie

Jorgenson, Johannes Andersen

Kambestad, Gunder and Ingeborg

Kleive, Halvor

Kleive, Nils and Ragna

Knudson, Ole and Aase

Kvennerud, Erik and Kari

Landsverk, Olaus E and Karen Andrea

Larson, Henrik and Olia

Larson, Osten and Martha

Lien, Christen  and Bertha

Lesteberg, Kristoffer and Barbro

Lesteberg, Narve and Ingeborg

Lesteberg, Truls

Loberg, Lars Pedersen

Lund, Carl Kittelsen and Johanna Halgrimsdatter

Lundemoe, Even and Ragnild

Moe, Ole L. and Eli

Moen, Gunder J. and Elie Helgesdatter

Monson, Anders and Gjertru

Negaard, Erik and Anne

Negaard, Halvor and Marthe

Negaard, Peder and Helene

Nelson, Lars and  Ingeborg

Njos, Lasse and Mari

Njos, Ole and Anna

Nybakke, Andreas and Christine

Nygaard, Anders and Eline

Ogdahl, Thore and Astri

Olson, Edmund and Karen

Olson, Rasmus and Kari

Osmundson, Thomas and Bergit

Østenson, Hans and Eli

Østenson,, Nils and Karen

Paaverud, Thor and Kari

Paulson, Erik and Johanna

Petterson, Alexander and Rangdi

Pikaugen, Andreas and Helene

Peterson, John J

Peterson, John M and Ingeborg

Petterson, Hans and Anna

Petterson, Nels and Marthea

Petterson, Peter and Marti

Pladsen, Christian and Kari

Quale, Christopher and Ingeborg

Quamme, Tosten

Railson, Even and Inga

Raaen, Narve and Helga

Ramstad, Jacob and Geoline

Railson, Andrew and Bertha Marie

Reese, Peder and Marie

Reiersen, Bjorn and Sigrid

Rime, Ole and Guri

Rindahl, Ole Johansen and Johannes

Roisum, Endre and Brita

Roisum, Johannes and Ingeborg

Rood, Erick Erickson and Kari Andersdttr

Rosby, Thorsten

Rosland, Johan S. and Cecilie

Rosland, John

Sagadalen, Elling and Eli Olsdatter

Sagadalen, Henrik and Kari

Sagadale, Tosten and Berit

Skare, Anders

Smedhaugen, Peder and Berthe

Soland, Halvor and Gjorand

Soland, Engebret and Mari

Soli, Halvor and Gunnild

Solien, Reier and Kjersti

Solien, Thor T. and Kari

Sondrol, Knut and Marit

Stanghelle, Johannes O and Martha M.

Stai, Anton Helgesen &Anna Larsdtr Bergum

Stai, Reier Olsen and Sigrid Taraldsdatter

Steberg, John J and Marit

Steig, Ole A. and Mari

Storruste, Elling and Ragnild

Stoutland, Ole N. and Anne T.

Strandbraaten, Ingebrit and Gunild

Swenson, Gunder and Gemine

Syse, Iver and Anna

Syverson, Amund and Ronnaug

Syverson, Simon and Mathea

Teige, Bjorn and Kresti

Teige, Bjorn B. and Kari E.

Teige, Christofer and Ingebor

Thonvold, Gulbrand  and Mathea

Thorsness, Lasse and Ingrid

Thorsen, Tollef and Kari

Thostenson, Ole and Anna

Vigleikson, Peder and Ingeborg

Vik, Lavor and Margit

Wiskop, Tosten and Ragnhild

Ytterboe, Jorgen and Bertha